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July 07, 2020

Cookies Policy

This cookie policy describes how we use cookies and similar technologies to identify you when you visit our website. We describe what these systems are, the main reason why they are being used on our website, and your right to manage their use each time you visit our site. In some cases cookies can be used to collect personal information or can be combined with other information to become personal information.

What Is a Cookie?

Maybe you still don’t know what cookies are? These are small data files placed on your computer or mobile device each time you make a visit to a website. Website owners make extensive use of cookies to enable website functionality, operate more efficiently, and provide reporting information.

The cookies installed by the website are called "originating cookies." Cookies set by third parties other than the site owner are called "third-party cookies." Third-party cookies allow you to provide functionality or third-party functionality on or through the site (for example, advertisements, interactive content, and reviews). The party that sets these third-party cookies can identify your computer when you visit the website in question and when you visit other websites.

What Is Page Tags?

"Page tags," also known as web tags or Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) tags, are web technologies used to track usage information for a website or email, such as the number of times a page or a specific email has been accessed. Page tags are invisible to you, and any part of wedowhatever Inc., including advertisements or emails sent on our behalf, may contain page tags.

Does This Benefit Us?

Yes, but not as you think. These small files are only useful for improving statistics and future user experience. Cookies are mainly used to prevent users from logging in to the service more than once. We use cookies to make your service safer and more accessible. The information we store about you may be linked to the information we store and receive from cookies. The cookies used on this site include cookies strictly necessary for access and navigation, usage control cookies (performance cookies), and selection remembering cookies (functional cookies).

We may use the information provided by our cookies for the following purposes:

  • Identify your computer when you visit our website
  • To keep your email address and password when you log into your account
  • To monitor it when you browse our site
  • A live chat application to improve the usability of our website and to answer your questions in real-time
  • To analyze the use of our site, such as, how many people visit us each day
  • To manage our site

Do I Have to Accept Them?

You do not have to accept cookies to use wedowhatever Inc. website. If you refuse cookies, some features or resources of the wedowhatever Inc. website may not function properly or the user may not have maximum experience. Although most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, you can change your browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie or to decline cookies in general.

To find out more about how to manage your privacy settings and how to manage cookies click on your browser link below.

To find out more about cookies; to control, disable or delete them, visit Some third-party ad networks, such as Google, allow you to disable or adjust the settings associated with your internet search. See their documentation for more information on how Google allows you to adjust these settings.

All cookies on our site and everywhere else on the Web, fall into one of the following categories:

  • Authentication: these cookie files allow a quick connection to "memorize" your connection information. These files will enable you to see the relevant information that you enter when accessing the site.
  • Security: these cookies act as security, control malware, harmful activities, and maintain 100% security functionality
  • Configuration: these files help us make your experience as personalized as possible. This happens without repeating your request to specific forms, such as your preferred language, an order form with all of your relevant information
  • Marketing: we use these cookies to sell our services more efficiently and to see how users navigate the site. Our partners may also use cookies to provide information about our activities in our services. This cookie is subject to your partner's policies.
  • Analysis and Research: these cookies are necessary to improve our website to provide the service you like and to find the most convenient. It contains all data or records of your activities and your engagement with our website that helps improve the products we offer.

Do You Want to Use Cookies?

To exclude or restrict your use of cookies access your browser configuration and access the confidentiality section; you can control your use of cookies there. You can also disable third-party cookies from Google Analytics by going to this website, everything will appear there. Disabling cookies is not always their best and can drastically change the user experience on a particular website or restrict access. The site will no longer remember you as a registered visitor, and your security will be disabled. Keep in mind that disabling cookies can dramatically change your experience with certain websites or even limit your access. You will have to log in again and again, and the security will be compromised.

File Log

We collect non-personal information through our online log files, which capture information such as browser types and other anonymous statistics that include the use of wedowhatever Inc. services. This information can be used to analyze trends, manage wedowhatever Inc. services, track the use of wedowhatever Inc. services, and collect general demographic information. We may combine this information with personal data for these and other purposes, such as personalizing your experience on wedowhatever Inc. services and evaluating scouting services as a whole.

Update Cookie Policy

For example, we may periodically update our cookie policy due to changes to cookies and for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Consult this cookie policy page regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and associated technologies.

wedowhatever Inc – Cookies Policy 07/07/2020